Echad is continent consisting of 4 major regions. Ecrain in the east, ruled by humans. Spiyca in the west is ruled by the Elves. Desh Murg is a mountainous region in the south, controlled by Dwarves, who trade with both humans and elves, but keep to themselves for the most part. North of the mainland is a series of islands called Scays Stral, home to humans.
Ecrain and Spiyca are in a cold war. The humans of Scays Stral raid villages along the northern coastline, but neither Ecrain nor Spiyca have the resources to spare for a full on invasion, the only way to stop the raids.
On the northern coast on the border between Ecrain and Spiyca lies the free city of Kestervil, mainly home to pirates.
Across the Coldspur Mountains in the south is a gigantic desert, named the Desolation.

About 5% of the inhabitants of Echad have magical potential, yet not everyone has developed this into skill. For magic skill to develop naturally, a persons potential has to be very high. For most magic users their magic has to be ‘unlocked’ by a tutor. Some forms of magic, like necromancy are forbidden across the whole of Echad.

Echad is home to many intelligent races other than humans, elves and dwarves. for example nagas, trolls, harpies, sirens and giants.

The Order of Shadows works behind the scenes to prevent the conflict between elves and humans from escalating.

Order of Shadows

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